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Nanjundaswamy’s Story

Nanjundaswamy’s Story

Let Nanjundaswamy tell you how the programme helped him!

Nanjundaswamy hails from a farming family. As a result of the deteriorating conditions in agriculture with high rates of unproductivity, market price variations and other climatic reasons, Nanjundaswamy had lost interest in agriculture.

The Sustainable agriculture course in Baduku renewed my interest in agriculture as a livelihood. I realised that agriculture is not just a means to earn an income but a way of sustainable living. The course broadened my understanding of agriculture to include the political, social and economical aspects of agriculture.


How Nanjundaswamy is taking action!

Nanjundaswamy is now a full time agriculturalist and is organically cultivating rain fed crops like millets, dicotyledon crops, mangoes and coconut. He actively participates and volunteers in an agricultural group called Manmayee – a network of farmers that have come together to support each other and promote farmers’ rights. Nanjundaswamy also served as the President for the group. His dream is to initiate a new farmer-owned market chain to curb the miscreant activities of middle men.