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Lohit Dev’s Story

Lohit Dev’s Story

Let Lohith tell you how the programme helped him!

Lohit was associated with the Tumkur YSK while he was doing his pre-university there in 2015. He has been associated with Bangalore YRC since he moved to Bangalore to do his BE in BioMedical Engineering. 

Over the last few years I have attended the Basic Nota, Gender Nota, and Pluralism Nota. I also completed the leadership workshop. A turning point for me, was the Body workshop conducted by Samvada which helped me understand my gender fluidity and put me in touch with people who could listen to my anxieties about my gender and sexuality. 


How Lohith took Action!

“I played a key role in the campaigns Hold On! College First, Marriage Next! (2016), What Next? Just Guide, Don’t Decide! (2017), and the 2019 campaign for setting up a Youth Commission. At the same time, I continued to be associated with other struggles. I participated in a fact finding on farmer suicides, and gave a public talk on the need for a scientific temper during a state level rally on Rationalism.”

After participating in Queer film festivals and film festival on women’s issues in Kuppali, I have been consistently championing the rights of women, rights of queer youth and am very interested in the linkages between sexuality and mental health.

As a part of the National Youth Festival in Rajasthan, I was a part of the discussions on vision for 2069 in the context of climate change and social inequality. I believe it is our responsibility as youth to work towards a positive vision for the world. I am also a voice for queer rights.