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We create professions out of social needs.

Every individual has a need for a meaningful, rewarding, and dignified livelihood. Young people are no exception! Often disadvantaged youth find themselves relegated to low level jobs in call centres or service industries. 

Through our courses, youth from marginalised communities have the chance to enter and influence socially critical professions. 

We treat each young person as a unique being with potentials that are waiting to be explored and developed. Baduku creates spaces where students can learn in an atmosphere of stimulation and care. They are continuously challenged to examine their beliefs about themselves and the world around.

They learn new skills to emerge as confident professionals and empowered leaders in society.

students graduated in the last 12 years

More than

70 %
of them placed / pursuing higher education in the same field

From construction labourer to District Reporter​

Yamanurappa's Story​

I was born and brought up in a village in Raichur district a very neglected part of North Karnataka. Due to the financial crisis at home, I had to work as a daily wage labourer throughout my School and College days.

Poverty made me a wanderer. I had no idea where I was going when I ended up working on a flyover construction site in Bangalore. I heard of the Journalism course at Baduku Centre for Livelihood Learning, for which I did not have to pay. At last, I felt that even I could reach for my dreams!

I completed the six-month course in journalism and entered the Kannada media industry as a trained professional. Today, I am a district reporter for a prominent Kannada Daily, thanks to the continuous encouragement and mentoring from Baduku. It would have been impossible for me to reach this stage without this unique centre.

Learning in Baduku

At Baduku, we reimagine learning to include experiential, participatory and creative pedagogies. Our inter-disciplinary approach integrates self and social awareness with knowledge and technical skills. 

Here, learning happens beyond the classroom. Many of our learning events happen on farms, mountain tops, and even over the internet. Interactions based on pluralistic and diverse living experiences in spaces like the hostel, the library, and the lab, enrich the learning process. Students also receive mentoring, during and after their courses by our experienced and diversified faculties.

Through our four centres, we offer short and long term courses in eight socially critical professions.

Centre for Wellness & Justice

Students learn how to alleviate stress, pain and ill health in people and communities that are in social distress, through courses and workshops in counselling, meditation, and early childhood care and education.

Centre for Youth & Sustainable Development

Young people can learn to create rewarding and dignified livelihoods based on conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, especially land, water and forests.

Centre for Transformative Education

Students are equipped to transform the field of education through socially sensitive teaching and career guidance.

Centre for Creative & Critical Media

Young people gain access to a media education that combines new age skills with well rounded perspectives on regional, national and global politics, justice, peace, development and social change.

Baduku Campus Fund

Invest in a young person’s dream.
We estimate that this will cost us about Rs 46 Lakhs. Your contribution will help us provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment for so many young people seeking to build a better life for themselves and their families.

From one day at Baduku to becoming a successful lecturer!

Bhumika's Story
My father did not want me to do the Learning Lenses course at Baduku in 2016. He wanted me to get married first and then look for a job. After much negotiating, I got him to agree to let me spend just one day in the course. After that first day, I called my father and told him I would come back home only after completing the course!

The course not only taught me about being a teacher, but also helped me rethink my goals and dreams. I love my job as a lecturer, and my students and colleagues recognize this.