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Youth Work Promotion (YuWyan)

Working with youth is the only way to really change the world, yet the number of organisations working to support and empower young people in India is still miniscule. With this in mind, we focus on promoting youth work as a profession in Karnataka, and the nation.

Ever Thought of Becoming a Youth Worker?

Skilled, committed, and sensitive youth workers are urgently required in large numbers to work with young people in a way that transforms their lives and orients their worldviews towards social justice.

For those keen to learn more about working with young people, the Youth Work Resource Centre (YWRC) offers a Certificate Course: Youth Work for Inclusive and Sustainable Development.

We will equip you with an in-depth understanding of youth-hood and youth work in the Indian context. You will acquire the necessary skills to mentor, guide, mobilise, train and sensitise young people in creative and engaging ways. The curriculum includes enhanced self awareness with insights into your styles, motivations, and stances with respect to young people.

Write to us at samvada@gmail.com for more information.

Youth Work Resource Centre (YWRC)

All activities of the programme are carried out and coordinated by the Youth Work resource Centre.

YWRC guides, mentors and monitors the activities of all Samvada Youth Resource Centres (YRCs). From helping to frame the curriculum for the workshops being conducted at YRCs to maintaining reports of each YRC’s progress, the YWRC also mentors and guides the Youth mentors who run the daily activities of the YRCs.

Incubating Youth Resource Centres

We set up new YRCs in socially and ecologically sensitive locations for the young people in those areas. We also collaborate with individuals or organisations interested in youth work to set up Yuva Samvada Kendras (YSKs). This is done through a 2-year fellowship for a Mini Yuva Samvada Kendra which includes a stipend and an activity grant to implement pilot programmes. We emphasise an understanding local issues and unique dilemmas of young people in the region through a variety of interactions with students and working youth. Fellows are  encouraged to design and facilitate discussions, exposure visits, film screenings and short workshops. They also participate in sharing and planning meetings with other youth mentors.

Signa in Tumkur and Sakhi in Hospete are two YSKs that have been set up in collaboration with Samvada.