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New Certificate Courses from Baduku

New Certificate Courses from Baduku

Baduku Centre for Livelihood Learning is proud to announce the creation of two new courses, a certificate course in Waste Supply Chain Management and the HITA certificate course in Life Skill Education, Child and Adolescent Counselling.


The solution to every problem no matter the scale, is always a humble beginning at the local level where a committed set of people (or person) despite setbacks make their way through and emerge as leaders and innovators. 

Baduku’s Centre for Youth and Sustainable Development in its upcoming Waste Supply Chain Management course gears you up to understand the Waste Supply Chain through the lens of Economics & Circular Economics, Ecosystem Services, Energy and Climate Change. The entire course stays grounded as we explore social aspects of gender, equity, access and governance that cuts across the contexts of economics, science and technology. We believe that there is a huge demand for smart, passionate and thorough professionals to take on the challenges of environmental problems. 

Spread over 6 months [1 month Residential, 2 Months Project Work & Online Sessions and  3 Months Internship] our course is about exploring, being challenged and developing the right kind of skills.

Are you up for it? Last date to apply to the Waste Supply Chain Management Course is Jan 30th, 2021. Come, be a part of the journey!


The Center for Wellness and Justice is inviting applications for a 6-month online course titled Certificate Course in Life Skill Education, Child and Adolescent Counselling

To apply, please scan the QR code on the poster and fill the application form and submit.