Working with young people to create a just, humane and sustainable world

We approach young people as partners and invite them to embark on a journey of discovering self and society by empowering them to question and challenge beliefs, and carve out new paths for themselves and the world. We believe that young people have the right and the responsibility to make informed choices and that if they have the freedom to critique and explore experiences, they will make decisions that are liberating for themselves and transformative for society.

We mentor young people in 8 geographies across Karnataka through conversations about values, lifestyles, relationships, work aspirations and networks. Over a 3-year learning journey, young people begin as explorers, grow as youth leaders and emerge as influencers of social change.

We equip marginalized youth to enter and influence socially critical professions in the fields of Wellness & Gender Justice, Creative & Critical Media, Transformative Education and Sustainable Livelihoods. Baduku alumni work together to impact professional practices towards social justice & sustainability.

We strengthen the work of existing and new Yuva Samvada Kendras in socially, ecologically-sensitive areas. By guiding and supporting those who are passionate about working with young people, we bridge collaborations among diverse youth-focused organisations, and promote Youth Work as a profession.

Upcoming Events

Samvada is organising a National Symposium on Youth Work and Youth Rights on 30th and 31st October, 2018 . Please click here for further information.