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Livelihood Education-Baduku

We carve out fulfilling and engaging careers for marginalised youth while providing them with support and encouragement to reach for their dreams. We don’t just provide technical skills, we help young people build dignity and confidence in themselves.

Excellent education and pioneering careers cannot be only for the rich.

Young people coming from marginalised groups like the urban and rural poor, Dalits, Adivasis and women, are often at risk of dropping out of the education system. Girls often feel the societal pressure to get married and find their education curtailed and their lives restricted. 

The Livelihood Education Programme implemented by The Baduku Centre for Livelihoods Learning offers a wide range of certificate and diploma courses providing perspectives and skills that would help young people enter and influence socially critical professions. Each course equips students with livelihood and life skills to address emerging social and environmental concerns

Our Programme offers

Livelihood Oriented Courses

Baduku Centre for Livelihoods Learning addresses the need for meaningful, rewarding and dignified livelihoods for young people from socially excluded communities. Our courses help disadvantaged youth enter and influence socially critical professions

Placement of Students in Socially Critical Professions

More than 70% of the students who have graduated from Baduku Centre for Livelihoods Learning have been placed or are pursuing higher education in the same field. Instead of working in call centres as tech support, they are now journalists, counsellors, farmers, and educators!

Support and Strength through Alumni Associations

Our relationship with those who enter Baduku does not end with the course. We provide students with continuous mentoring, and facilitate the formation of professional associations and alumni networks. These Alumni Associations support students navigate the diverse experiences and challenges of the workplace, and help them influence workplace practices and discourses.

Baduku - Centre for Livelihoods Learning