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Megan D’Souza
Manager, Communications

After completing her Master’s degree in Molecular Biology &; Human Genetics from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Megan began her journey at a Corporate Office but soon realized that her heart lies in seeking some meaning in the work she does and she wanted to play a part in making the world a ‘better place’.

Megan’s yearning to make the planet safe and sustainable took her to Mangalore, her hometown. There she worked as Communications Head at Anti-Pollution Drive Foundation, an NGO based in Mangalore. She joined Samvada as an intern, then worked as a Youth Mentor in the youth resource centre, Mangalore. She believes she has found her ‘better place’. Megan tries to brings concepts of sustainability, body positivity/neutrality, and mental health into reality with her work. Currently, she is working as the Communications Manager.

When she isn’t stressing about climate change, she spends her time looking for coffee breaks, appreciating good food, petting cats, reading, improving her Kannada, and unlearning social conditionings.