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After completing her Master’s in Social Work from Mysore University, Kavitha got involved with various community development organizations such as Shakthi Dhama, MYRADA, Kalike (Tata Trusts), and KHPT. She credits her favorite lecturer for identifying her passion for social work and pushing her to follow her calling.

From being a family and HIV-AIDS counsellor to being a documentation officer, teaching commerce students, coordinating district/state-level activities in the areas of water and sanitation, and supporting youth development by providing life skills training- Kavitha has risen to the challenge of widely varying positions. At Samvada, she works as the admin of the Baduku Centre for Livelihoods Learning, supporting all student-related processes. She also loves organizing various cultural events for Samvada.

Kavitha enjoys travelling immensely; she is constantly seeking new places and experiences to deepen her knowledge about different cultures and histories. She enjoys talking to different kinds of people and tries her best to make them comfortable and feel supported. Seeing the world as her oyster, she doesn’t plan on stopping with her adventures.