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Contact Info
Asha Maheshwar Singh
Student Welfare In-charge, Samvada Campus


Asha belongs to the picturesque city of Shivamogga, Karnataka and comes from humble beginnings. Alongside completing Master’s in Arts (M.A.) in History, she has been engaged with various cultural and student-led bodies to enhance her understanding of the society. She ardently believes possessing knowledge is power, and making education accessible to girls can open up the world for them.

At Samvada, she is in charge of student welfare, housekeeping and library management. She can be seen bustling around the campus (with the campus dog following her) ensuring students feel at home, addressing any issues they face, and mentoring them regarding their needs. Committed to creating a safe space on campus, she makes extra efforts to ensure that students coming from different contexts gel together. To this end, she organizes activities for them to do together. Honesty and promptness in everything are her life mantra. She envisages a world led by the quest for equality and justice for all. 

Asha’s ideal day off involves travelling to unexplored places and experiencing new things. She is curious about the world and wants to play her part in ensuring everyone finds a meaningful existence. Her favorite subject to read up on is history, which she has extensive knowledge about. She believes that she is now living life on her terms and wants to continue with her eyes wide open.