Reflections on Self & Society

Reflections on Self and Society

As  young people get more comfortable with and begin taking ownership of the fifth space, youth mentors begin to have individual discussions with them on personal life situations, values, relationships, life-styles,  ideological  dilemmas,  spiritual  questions or  political  affiliations … life, love or the cosmos, nothing is left out! Through these, we are able understand each person’s unique universe and steer them to the next level of participation in Samvada’s residential courses and workshops.

These workshops encourage deep reflections on self and society. Youth from different youth resource centres come together to attend a workshop, enriching the space with their diverse identities and experiences.


ನೋಟಾ (notta) means perspective or way of looking. we encourage young people to reflect on their lives through social and historical lenses.

What are the different Nottas?

ಒಳ ನೋಟ - ola notta

Society & Me

Young people reflect on their life’s journey, dreams, pressures, experiences, thus, beginning to unpack multiple layers of socialization that have contributed to their social and historical selves.  Mentors help them analyse these experiences in the context of social structure, culture and hegemonies which run through our society.

Moving forward from the first “society and me” workshop, young people are invited to attend other workshops which each have a focus on themes of social inclusion, sustainable development, gender equity, sexuality and pluralism.

Environment & Me

ಹಸಿರು ನೋಟ - hasiru notta

How is e-waste recycled? Is the burning of garbage and plastic toxic? What are more sustainable modes of transport? Is our food safe? Is climate change for real?

The hasiru notta is designed to help students understand the impact of our lifestyle on mother earth. By tracking their own carbon footprints and analyzing consumption patterns of food, clothes, transport, students have fun while encountering facts on sustainable development and climate change. The workshop is meant for critique and deeper understanding, as well as finding greener ways for a greener earth!

Career & Me

ವೃತ್ತಿ ನೋಟ - vruthi notta

The career workshop is organized to help young people explore their work aspirations, ambitions, dilemmas and desires.

Career aspirations of boys and girls, rich and poor, higher and upper caste, rural and urban young people differ greatly. We believe that along with information on different careers and aptitude testing, young people, most importantly, need to be provided a space where they can think beyond socially-desirable and socially-limited choices and careers. The information and tests begin to make sense from such a free space, helping each person arrive at their own, unique career path.

Pluralism & Me

ಬಹುತ್ವ ನೋಟ - bahutva notta

The workshop attempts to demystify and separate notions of religion and spirituality for young people, traversing diverse and overlapping religious paths while appreciating our rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

Students explore metaphysical questions about god, religion and spirituality in their own ways, meeting different priests and preachers, visiting places of worship. We ask questions on what is common to all our religions and how the message of peace can thrive despite inter-religious differences. In these senses, the bahutva notta gives young people an enlightening experience on peace and pluralism.

Social Inclusion & Me

The workshop draws attention to the difficult issues of caste and class, throwing light on how structures operate to exclude and marginalize oppressed groups in the society we live in. Through our own ways of living, we begin to see how each of one us is complicit in excluding the other. Thus, young people learn to cultivate sensitivity and understand the need to make efforts for an inclusive world.