Nurturing Leaders

Nurturing Young Leaders

Young people go through multiple stages of exploration, exposure and sensitization in their journey of youthhood. Soon, there comes a time when you can see that they have  the potential to inspire and guide more young people through positive “peer pressure”, as leaders and influencers of social change.

From the students who have participated in our intensive courses and reflective workshops (nottas), we identify those who demonstrate passion and courage of conviction, along with an inclination for leadership roles. At this stage, we recognize that leaders need careful mentoring where individual dilemmas, conflicts and anxieties are resolved within a political and ethical framework. Developing their inner resources also means exploring one’s persona, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, ethics and worldviews. Through such exploration we hope  to build their resilience that combines charisma, pragmatism and a vision for social change.

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Leaders of youth groups from various parts of Karnataka and youth active in   social movements are also trained through special workshops. Do contact us if you belong to or know of a youth group that would like to be associated with this process.

Training for leaders also necessarily includes special workshops on contemporary social processes, as follows:

Leadership for Social Change: Youth Activism and it's Challenges
Understanding Bangalore in the context of globalization
Threats & hopes of democracy and secularism in Karnataka

Potential leaders are helped not only to analyse the impacts of globalization, the spread of fundamentalism and ecological crises, but are also helped   to work on short term and long term responses. Special attention is paid to leadership building through youth led campaigns on local issues.  This enhances the confidence  of  budding leaders  even as  more and more young people are  mobilized to  initiate  struggles  or participate in  existing  social movements,  under their  leadership.

Stages of Youth Leadership Development

Leadership Perspectives & Skill-Building

This workshop  focuses on  building clarity about leadership  roles, styles, and skills along with perspectives on leadership in the context of social change processes. Group dynamics, building consensus, taking responsibility for decisions/stances,  managing conflict are some of the critical skills taught.

Campaign Training

Young people are given training on how to design and manage a campaign all by themselves.  The campaign training workshop equips them with the nitty-gritties  of designing events, sharpening campaign slogans, developing great communication skills, managing campaign teams, liaising with colleges, the media and various communities.

Barefoot Research

As changemakers, young people are encouraged to take up  micro-studies  so that their campaigns and actions are grounded in a proper understanding of ground realities and  are not based on any false assumptions about real situations.

Coordinating a Campaign

Young people’s leadership abilities are challenged and honed when they lead campaigns for youth rights in their local geographies.  They become changemakers coming together to lead and influence campaigns for youth rights across campuses and different YSKs.

Yuva Munnade Forum

Along the lines of the set-up of profession-based alumni associations at Baduku Community College, Yuva Munnade is a forum that brings together youth leaders from across different youth resource centres.