Incubating Youth Resource Centers

Incubating Youth Resource Centres

The YWRC promotes youth work with the incubation of  Youth Resource Centres in collaboration with individuals or organisations  interested in  youth work. 

Yuva Samvada Kendras

Over the last  few years, the YWRC has successfully incubated Yuva Samvada Kendras in partnership with organisations and individuals:

Currently the   following Mini YSKs are  being incubated and nurtured:

  • Arali  Yuva Samvada Kendra in Chitradurga
  • Dhani  Yuva Samvada Kendra in  Kolar

Over the next  3 years, two more mini YSKs will be incubated and the existing mini YSKs will be developed into full-fledged Yuva Samvada Kendras.

The Process

The incubation process begins after the  completion of the Certificate Course in Youth Work.  Short  internships are offered to those  who  would like to observe how existing  youth resource centres/ Yuva Samvada Kendras  work. Apprenticeships are offered if a candidate is willing to work and learn on the job  for a minimum of six months.
During this time they are encouraged to assist youth mentors and interact with young  people at various stages of  the  sensitisation  and leadership journey. The idea is to  give interns a  peep into  the  joys  and challenges of a youth mentor and  to build competencies and confidence to work with youth!

When we find an individual or an organisation  interested to work with young people in a specific geography, the Youth Work Resource Center helps develop a youth-focused programme relevant to the local context. This  is  done through a 2-year fellowship for a Mini YSK (Yuva Samvada Kendra) which  includes a stipend and an activity grant to  implement pilot  programmes. The  emphasis is on understanding  local  issues  and unique dilemmas of  young people in the region through a variety of interactions  with students and working youth.  Fellows are  encouraged to design and facilitate  discussions,  exposure visits, film screenings  and short workshops. They  also participate in sharing and planning meetings with other youth mentors. Youth of the region are invited to participate in common thematic workshops conducted by existing YSKs.

The  incubation phase hinges on intense  mentoring  for the individual /organisation   to help them clarify  goals and  programmes and  to tracks outcomes and impacts.  At the end of the incubation phase, a new memorandum of understanding is entered into  between Samvada YWRC and the interested  individual/ organisation  for  transitioning from a Mini YSK to a YSK.