working with young people to create a just, humane & sustainable world!

Youth Work Resource Center

Having been a youth-work and livelihoods-education organization for many years, we felt a great need to focus our energies and resources more and more towards promoting youth work as a profession in the state of Karnataka and beyond. Skilled, committed and sensitive youth workers  are urgently required  in large numbers to take on  the responsibility of working with young people in a way that transforms their lives and orients their worldviews  towards social justice. 
Youth work has the potential to transform  young peoples’ lives individually as well as the potential to transform our social fabric. 

With this goal of streamlining, promoting and building the youth work discourse and network further, the Youth Work Resource Center was set up in 2012.

How do we promote youth work?

The Youth Work Resource Center coordinates the activities of the Yuva Samvada Kendras, incubates new mini-YSKs, runs a youth work certificate course, and builds networks and collaborations with youth-work organizations and youth workers across the state.