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Samvada is a collective of 40 individuals bound together in a united vision for young people;
a society that is gender just, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive

We do not believe in “using” youth to deliver programmes or serving youth “in need”. Rather, we partner with young people, inviting them to discover self and society, and as a result, empowering them to build the future they deserve.  

The young people who attend our programmes largely belong to disadvantaged communities and come from urban, semi-urban and rural areas of Karnataka.


Through our programmes, we work directly with youth as well as on supportive systems such as promoting youth rights and conducting youth centric research.

Youth Leadership

We recognize that each individual needs to take ownership of their own lives before they can effect any change. The journey through our Youth Resource Centres supports each young person in examining their situation and developing the inner and external resources needed for transformation.

Livelihood Education through Baduku Centre for Livelihood Learning

We don’t just provide vocational and technical skills, we help young people build dignity and confidence in themselves by providing life skills, knowledge, socio-political perspectives, and rights awareness as well. Baduku Centre for Livelihood Learning carves out dignified and meaningful livelihoods from social needs.

Youth Work Promotion

This programme focuses on promoting youth work as a profession in the state of Karnataka and beyond. Run by the Youth Work Resource Center in Samvada, it includes coordinating the activities of Samvada YRC’s, incubating new YRC’s in socially and ecologically sensitive areas, and creating youth work professionals through a specialised certificate course.

Youth Rights Advocacy

Youth can be a powerful force for change with the potential to make transformative, systemic and sustainable changes. However, they need recognition and representation of their rights to overcome the significant challenges they face.

Building Youth Centric Knowledge

We aim to foreground the experiences of young people from different backgrounds, build knowledge based on these experiences, and invite young people to participate in the process of knowledge building.