Student Support Fund

Student Support Fund

The Need

As a part of our work, we interact with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds on a daily basis and come face to face with their struggles. Most of our students’ are never sure about being able to complete their courses. The anxiety to “not be a burden” to the family and the pressure to “earn and support” the family are constant companions.
A majority of our student’s parents are factory workers, auto drivers, pavement vendors, domestic workers and wage laborers in the unorganized sector.

For girls, there is additional pressure of being “married off” to relieve their parents of the burden of educating them and keeping them at home. For some, it is violence in the family that pushes them to stop studying and to look for shelter and a job.

Being first generation learners, most of them have very limited perspectives and information about work opportunities and educational avenues. Many also travel to Bangalore from neighboring rural taluks to study in colleges and work in part-time jobs before returning back to their villages at night, exhausted by erratic bus schedules and exam time-tables.

We are not able to help many students realize their dreams for individual economic mobility. While our staff has sometimes collected money for a few students’ fees, a large number of them continue to drop out because of financial constraints. We appeal to you to contribute towards the college tuition fees of poor students associated with Samvada’s Youth Resource Centers.

Samvada has the 80G (income tax exemption) you can get tax exempted on 50% of the amount you contribute to Samvada.

If you wish to do a bank transfer,  contribute to Samvada offline,  please find our bank details here.