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At Samvada, we have a diverse range of institutional, academic and administrative needs. We value all kinds of support, in time and effort, cash and kind. Your support helps fulfill our journey of partnership with young people, in their world of youthhood, youth rights, sustainability and social justice.

Please write to us to contribute to any of these funds and activities or if you would like to learn more about them. Thank you!

Samvada is open to receiving donations from individuals, organizations and corporates.
Any amount that you give to Samvada has the 80G (income tax exemption) so that you receive a tax exemption on 50% of your contribution.

If you wish to transfer money directly from your bank, click here to download our bank account number and other details.

you can also donate online securely

Baduku Campus Development Fund

Our biggest need of the hour is to build an eco-friendly space dedicated to the empowerment of marginalised youth who will be harbingers of change. We have been working towards a fund for the land acquisition and construction of a campus for Baduku Community College since 2015. If you share our vision and the work we do at Baduku and would like to contribute towards it, please support us in consolidating this endeavour.

find out more about the campus development fund

Student Support Fund

Samvada also operates a fund contribution for fulfilling the college tuition fees of disadvantaged students associated with our Youth Resource Centers.

find ways to contribute to the student support fund

sponsor a youth rights festival

Our annual youth festival  is a special occasion which marks the culmination of youth-led campaigns across  our youth resource centers. This one-day event is filled with music, games, discussions, films and cultural programmes. We join hands with youth to celebrate youthhood, affirm cultural diversity and promote youth rights.
Every year, we need support to organize this event efficiently and with the fullest! Sponsoring this event costs ₹1,00,000.
Our sponsors are publicly acknowledged on the day of the event, on our various social media pages and website.

Support a Youth Resource Centre

Each Yuva Samvada Kendra needs space, computers, books, films, basic furniture,  musical instruments, sports equipments, projectors and salaries for a team of two youth mentors.
Additionally, each center also organizes various youth sensitization activities that include workshops, exposures, career guidance and life skills education. The cost of running one active youth resource center is ₹6,00,000 per annum.

You could also choose to sponsor certain activities at the center, or help improve our awesome libraries.

support a library for ₹ 10,000 /-