Progressive Farmers’ Association

Baduku Progressive Farmers' Association

The association formed by Baduku is a space for young, organic farmers to deepen their interactions with each other and build partnerships with other potential supporters and markets as a group, rather than as scattered individuals.

The association’s activities include:

  • liaisoning between the farmers’ community and the government
  • building a system for peer-to-peer certification for organic farmers across the state
  • promoting and developing initiatives like farmer-producer organizations, organic food shops, restaurants, farm tourism, community-supported farming.
  • providing a platform for continuous learning.

Over the last 7 years, we have been closely associated with a number of national, international and state-level farmer networks, campaigns, movements, producer companies and marketing initiatives such as La Via Campesina, ASHA (Alliance for sustainable and Holistic Agriculture) , OFAI (Organic Farming Association of India), Network for GM Free Agriculture, Karnataka, Sahaja Organics etc. These networks’ members have enriched the course as resource persons, provided spaces for our young farmers to engage in promoting issues of organic agriculture and also given them an access to the organic food market.