Centre for Youth & Sustainable Development

The  Centre  aims to create rewarding and  dignified livelihoods based  on conservation and sustainable use of  natural resources, especially land, water, forests. It has a vision of young people creating livelihood  opportunities for themselves and for others, without necessarily migrating to cities in search of jobs that alienate them from nature and separate them from their families.

At a time when employment creation often involves exploitation, pollution or depletion of natural resources that has caused climate change, the Centre works towards the concept of green jobs. Our intention is to harness the potential of nature to sustain us. Caring for nature, thus, becomes the cornerstone of one's work.

We attempt to validate traditional  knowledge systems in farming, food production, water management, crafts or energy conservation; to combine these with modern entrepreneurship models linked to emerging markets for goods and services.


The centre's vision straddles the past, the present and the future by affirming indigenous wisdom in a globalising world.

Green jobs are central to sustainable development and respond to the global challenges of environmental protection, economic development and social inclusion.
Source: International Labour Organization

 Courses and Workshops

Sustainable Farming

The course intends to enhance food sovereignty by teaching farming youth how to grow healthy food; and to build dignified occupations for rural youth, that will ensure their economic survival. It is a basic, certificate course taught in 5 modules over 15 days.

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Leadership for Rejuvenating Agriculture

The course is intended for a group of young farmers who have a vision to revive the farming community's dignity and rewards, who are interested in leadership. It is an advanced, 120-hour modular certificate course.


Rainwater Harvesting

The course puts in place urban water solution and creates another green profession for urban poor youth to choose.

Community Based Eco-Tourism

The course is designed to offer rural communities to make tourism in their regions a practice that is eco friendly, lucrative and remains in the community’s hands.

Solid Waste Management

We are now planning a certificate course in solid waste management, to provide a solution for the solid waste disposal crisis faced by both urban and rural areas, and to establish another sustainable profession for marginalised youth (for example, for many belonging to wastepicking communities).

Baduku Progressive Farmers' Association

The centre's alumni are members of an association that is responsible for liaisoning between the farmers' community and the government, building a system for peer-to-peer certification for organic farmers across the state and promoting and developing initiatives like farmer-producer organizations, organic food shops, restaurants, farm tourism, community-supported farming.

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