Centre for Wellness & Justice

The Centre for Wellness and Justice was established to create compassionate & competent professionals who can help women and youth deal with new forms of personal stress and agony, physical ailments and emotional disturbances emerging in the wake of rapid economic and cultural changes in India over the last two decades.

As ill health, substance abuse, economic hardships, honour killings, moral policing, marital breakdown, sexual assaults, inter-generational conflict, caste based violence and religious intolerance are on the rise, it is our conviction that  the emotional landscapes of confusion, despair, anxiety, rage and sorrow that they create can no longer be neglected or pushed under the carpet. They need to be addressed with sensitivity, skills and an understanding of the social, historical and cultural context of the individual or community experiencing trauma. We are also facing times in which our bodies are constantly under assault from all of the above emotional states, and from material changes in the environment and new forms of violence against the body.

community of healers

We envision a community of caregivers, helpers, healers & advocates of change.

The Centre envisions a society where stress, pain and ill health are reduced and prevented through compassionate behaviour towards each other and a society where there are professionals who can help those in distress. We have conceptualised and delivered courses and workshops in counselling, mediation, mobilisation, justice, embodiment and wellness.
Using trans-disciplinarity as pedagogical scaffolding, the centre integrates Culture Studies, Women's Studies, Feminist Theory, Applied Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Humanities and Legal Studies to create learning modules where the personal is situated in the political and the present is historicised.


Facilitating Women's Wellness and Justice

The course enables men & women to work in the fields of counselling and activism. It is offered in two formats:

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Early Childhood Care & Education

The course recognizes the value of early childhood care as a specialized profession that enables women to go to work and children to have happy childhoods.

It is a 6-month diploma course for young people who have passed 12th standard/pre-university.

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Gender, Sexuality & Marriage

The Gender, Sexuality and Marriage workshops are offered for students of Yuva Samvada Kendras, Baduku Community College and the Youth Work Resource Center. They help young people rethink their gender identities, reflect on their sexualities, and critique the institution of marriage.

From mapping their own bodies to writing love letters to sharing anxieties and fantasies about marriage, the workshops are intensely critical, madly fun and unavoidably emotional!

Adventures in Difference:

Gender Justice and Wellness in the Indian Contemporary

A group of ten young students went on a journey of exploring how identities are formed, through personal experience-sharing, film screenings, workshops, writing activity, short stories and listening to each other.
This certificate course was conducted in collaboration with St. Joseph's College of Arts and Science in the months of July to December, 2015.