Centre for Transformative Education

We believe that teachers are the fore-runners of the formal education system. We strive to equip teachers with skills on reinterpreting curricula, creating engaging educational methods, and accompanying students in their emotional journey. The aim is to create rational, thinking, autonomous and reflexive individuals who are not shackled by social barriers and stigmas. The center works to provide teachers with perspectives on the role of education in social transformation.

While education can be a great equalizer, it also acts as a great divide, digging roots in an individual's life from early childhood till the highest achievements of person's education, when s/he is in college. Thus, we works with both the ends of the education  spectrum, early childhood as well as higher education, mentoring and training both early childhood educators and college lecturers.

Teaching Transforms Society

Teaching transforms society.

The centre works with teachers to build meaningful lives for themselves and their students.
We join hands with teachers in redefining education for a just, humane and sustainable world.

Ongoing Courses

Learning Lenses

The course challenges existing notions of teaching, learning and youthhood.

It is 1-month certificate course for youth who have a Masters Degree and are  aspiring to become college-level teachers/lecturers.



Education for Social Change

College lecturers have an important role to play in either perpetuating or breaking through inequalities and inadequacies in higher education. Acknowledging the lack of mentoring and support they receive in largely bureaucratic setups, our workshops are an intervention to revive the lecturers' understandings of working with young people We offer these workshops in collaboration with colleges that recognize the need to invest in their teachers. Creative teaching, counseling, life-skills and mentoring constitute the foundations of our workshops on education for social change.

Please write to us if if you are a college principal or teacher interested in hosting this workshop on your campus.


We have collaborated with the Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare to help them re-invent the Balasevika Training Course for childcare professionals. Over the years, we have been involved in a campaign for women's rights and child rights and have collaborated with ECCE training centres, garment brands, state agencies, factories & trade unions.

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