Centre for Creative & Critical Media

The role of media is to reflect the society we live in, with accuracy, sensitivity and freedom.
At the Centre for Creative and Critical Media, we believe in media education that combines new-age skills with well-rounded and much-needed perspectives on regional, national and global politics, justice, peace, development and social change. The goal is to educate and sensitize a new cadre of media professionals who are able to create without bias, to criticize without fear and to inform and represent all sections of society through the media they promote.

Our endeavour is to bring in voices and world-views of dalits, muslims, adivasis, women and youth from northern parts of Karnataka to the mainstream Kannada media houses, enhancing ethics and expanding representation in the media world.
A still from the play, "Puranam Parabhavam", that the journalism students of 2016-17 enacted. It won the best play award in Bangalore district, and the Best Social Impact play in Enact, 2017. As part of the course, students take part in theatre workshops for self-exploration and reflection.

We are working towards strengthening the vernacular print & electronic media with young professionals who are technically skilled, informed about national, regional & global politics, and sensitive to the complexities of social change, peace and development.


Journalism For Peace & Development

The course is a preparation for a career as a journalist with skills and perspectives to promote peace and social justice through the media. So far, we have completed 4 batches and placed over 60 marginalised youth in Kannada print and electronic media.

The course is a rigorous, 9-month post-graduate certificate course in Kannada.

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