Baduku Community College

baduku, ಜೀವನ (Kannada), means survival or life

Baduku Community College was founded by Samvada in 2007 to carve out careers from social and ecological needs. The college addresses young peoples' aspirations for meaningful livelihoods by creating opportunities for them to enter and influence socially-critical professions.

Who do We Work With?

Our focus is mainly on young people from marginalised groups like the urban and rural poor, dalits, adivasis and women, who are risk of dropping out of the education system. Special efforts are made to reach out to young people from communally sensitive districts and neglected regions of Karnataka. Hence, Kannada is the chosen medium of instruction for most of our courses.

Flexible Course Formats

In order to enable youth from diverse groups, with different commitments and competencies to become a part of Baduku, the courses are offered in flexible formats, at multiple levels (Post Graduate Diplomas, Certificate courses, Foundation Courses and Workshops), in modular and non-modular modes and in multiple durations (10 days, 25 days, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months).

What is our Pedagogical Approach?

Integrating Personal Growth with Skills & Knowledge

The need for community colleges has emerged from a recognition that a wall has been created between "higher education" and "vocational education", while formal and mainstream education still remains unreachable for a vast majority of youth. At Baduku Community College, our intention is to provide a combination of the necessary perspectives, knowledge along with the practical skills that make youth employable.

Our thrust is also on building young people's capacities to reflect on self and society, and reflect on their own biases and identities. We believe that it is with the combination of self-reflection and life skills along with perspectives and knowledge that professional skills are best employed.

Each course equips students with livelihood and life skills to address emerging social and environmental concerns. The aim is to build dignity, confidence, life skills, knowledge, socio-political perspectives, rights awareness along with vocational and technical skills.

How do we Impact Professions?

Profession-Based Associations

We know that impacting existing professions and creating new professions aligned to social justice and sustainability requires a long term investment in individuals and professions. As individuals who, themselves, have faced social exclusion, our students need encouragement and support to be able to enter and influence these professions.

Profession-based associations are platforms with a critical mass of sensitized and empowered youth who are alumni from Baduku. Associations are forums for sharing professional practices and challenges, for collective learning, bargaining and mutual support. Read more about the Baduku Organic Farmers' Association here.

Baduku Centres

centre for creative & critical media

centre for transformative education

centre for wellness & justice

centre for youth & sustainable development