Samvada Parise

Our silver jubilee was a confluence of different events with spaces for serious contemplation, thought-provoking music, joyful laughter,

.. an affirmation of our faith in youth and a celebration of youth-hood, youth rights & youth leadership!

The Event Schedule

Public Seminar on 9th February, 2018

Re-imagining Youthhood and Higher Education in  Contemporary India

At Samvada, we have constantly asked ourselves what education means, as we have been continuously challenged while creating and delivering educational interventions that are sensitive to young people and relevant for social transformation. We hope this seminar was of interest to all those invested in the histories and futures of higher education in the country. In the seminar we attempted to address questions related to social equality and inclusion, emotional landscapes of the young, building a secular, just and sustainable world, emerging crises in education and critical engagement with educational processes.

An invitation of the seminar and the program schedule can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

Morning of 10th February, 2018

Samvada Reunion!

Reunion of Samvada old staff, old fellows and old trustees ; shared  memories and dreams, and reflected on how Samvada has contributed to their journeys.

Afternoon of 10th February, 2018

YRC and Youth Campaigners Unite!

Student leaders from our 6 youth resource centres  arrived in Bangalore and addressed college students in Bangalore about the campaigns for youth rights that they are conducting.

Evening of 10th February, 2018

Musical Evening

A musical evening that celebrated youth-hood and youth rights. Click on the video below to get a glimpse of the  evening that was characterised by soul-lifting lyrics and melodies that provoked and inspired 

11th February, 2018

Youth Leaders' Summit

Youth leaders shared their experiences and journeys of becoming leaders- their  struggles, achievements and dreams for the future. National level youth leaders, young activists as well as youth leaders from our youth resource centres shared their campaign stories and journeys as young leaders in today’s India.