Youth Resource Centres

Samvada’s youth mentors offer young people a non-judgemental space in the form of youth resource centres or Yuva Samvada Kendras. The centre is an adda for them to drop in and talk, gain exposure to newer perspectives and current affairs, make new friends, share their career dilemmas and learn about new careers & ways of living.

The goal of each centre is also to leave behind a legacy of a generation of youth leaders who deeply care about social and ecological justice. Youth leaders, emerging out of each centre, often join hands with local movements  in their geography, bringing fresh perspectives and working towards a just, humane and sustainable world.

Each youth resource centre works to build a critical mass of 500 youth leaders in a particular geography for a minimum of 10 years. The youth leaders come together to form a variety of groups based on their interests and the local concerns they wish to address. They also are part of a common forum called Yuva Munnade, which is a platform for youth rights advocacy supported by Samvada.


The fifth space is a space away from family, college, community and work. It is a space for youthful discussion, trying to make sense of news, college events, cultural upbringings.. the themes for their discussions, or chilipilis as we call them, are wide-ranging.