Youth-led Campaigns

Campaigns are at the heart of Samvada's partnership with young people in their journeys into youthhood.

About 150 young leaders, our "changemakers" from the youth resource centers and alumni from Baduku Community College come together to  design and coordinate a campaign that reaches out to 10,000 youth. Using  music, poetry, film and  conversations  in classrooms, campuses, hostels, bus stops and other public spaces, they inspire  young  people to  take a stand for youth rights!

Campaign activities are hosted simultaneously across the four youth resource centres at the beginning of each year.

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Just Guide, Don't Decide!


The campaign established young people's rights for career guidance.


Against Early and Forced Marriages!


The HOLD ON! campaign against early and forced marriages and for young people's rights to decide their age of marriage, was launched on February 8th 2016 and concluded on  March 8th, 2016.
Students spoke out in recognition of the idea that early and forced youth marriages, even though legally non-problematic, disrupt youthhood,  curb young people’s  growth, hamper their education and erode youth autonomy.