Work With Us

We have the following vacancies at Samvada:

  1. HR Administrator

We are looking for a part time H.R. Administrator who will be responsible for the following

  • Maintenance of personnel files of all staff which will include their CVs, appointment letters, certificates, memos, increments, changes in roles and responsibilities and annual performance review reports
  • Maintenance of attendance and leave records of all staff, tracking of leave sanctions and leave balances
  • Coordination of recruitment processes from circulation of advertisements, compiling applications, assisting in short-listing candidates
  • Execution of contracts for staff, interns and consultants, adapting Samvada templates for the same 

This is a part time position which requires a presence in the Samvada office from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to .3.00  p.m. The Monthly CTC  will be Rs. 25,000.

The ideal candidate will be a graduate, proficient in English, proficient in MS Office, able to converse in and comprehend Kannada and should have at least 3-4 years experience in a HR  role.  

If interested, please send your CV to

2. Youth Mentor, Bangalore Youth Resource Centre

About the Bangalore Youth Resource Centre : Samvada’s Bangalore Youth  Resource Centre (YRC) was established in 1992 (what is a YRC?) to work with  youth and college students in the City. The YRC aims at supporting, sensitising, mobilising and empowering youth to take decisions and form affiliations that help young people to build their own lives and to contribute towards a just society. Over a period of 3 years, the YRC helps young people to move from being learners, to becoming leaders and then emerging as influencers in society. The Centre is managed by a team of youth mentors led by a YRC convenor and guided by a senior member of the Youth work Resource Centre.

Role of  Youth Mentor ;  The youth mentoring model of Samvada is focused on liberating young people from all oppressive ideologies and bringing about changes in values so that young people find ways of contributing towards social justice, pluralism and sustainability. The Youth Mentors role is therefore to inspire and guide youth & students (especially girls, dalits, Muslims and those from disadvantaged backgrounds) and equip them with perspectives, values and life skills to change self and society.

Youth mentors responsibilities are as follows

  • Diversifying the reach of the program through creative initiatives to include students from government and private colleges, SC, ST and Muslim youth, migrant youth from other parts of the state/ country, youth in NSS programmes, and other relevant cross sections  
  • Designing, planning and executing outreach activities: festivals/conventions and college/community based discussions to reach youth including students, non students, dalits, muslims and girls, with a focus on themes suggested by the Programme Management Team
  • Designing, planning and executing initiatives for dialogue with youth that attract youth to visit the  Youth Resource Centre and to participate in group discussions, library based activities, film screenings,  short outings and one day workshops which  encourage youth to develop and interest and curiosity in contemporary social issues and youth role in society
  • Designing, planning and facilitating intensive sensitisation workshops and exposures for youth to deepen their understanding of self and society, gender justice, social inclusion, pluralism, ecological sustainability, youth rights and democracy
  • Designing, planning and facilitating intensive empowerment workshops and exposures to prepare youth for adulthood with autonomy, meaningful careers , healthy sexuality and intimate relationships, and positive social networks.
  • Designing, planning and facilitating leadership training programs for selected leaders to equip them to contribute towards social change
  • Identifying potential youth leaders and facilitating/supporting their participation in youth led campaigns and youth led social actions, cultural programmes and eco enterprises.
  • Designing and coordinating large events such as youth festivals, public hearings, campaigns, exhibitions and fund raising events with involvement of youth and youth groups as volunteers and/or collaborators.
  • Maintaining data bases of youth reached and assessing impact of through the 3 phases of development – understanding self, society and social change
  • Networking with colleges, youth focused NGOs and local social movements to invite them to collaborate with Samvada in sensitization and leadership/livelihoods promotion
  • Reporting on a regular basis as per guidelines given by the YWRC Convenor
  • Contributing to YRC Administration, Accounting and Maintenance of YRC premises, the library, the computers and other facilities made available to students in a manner that ensures safety and dignity of students, staff and community where the YRC is based.

 The ideal candidate will have

  1. Passion for social justice and a commitment to secularism, gender equity, social inclusion and ecological sustainability
  2. Ability to work with youth in a friendly and non directive manner through mentoring, training and dialogue
  3. Masters Degree in Humanities/ Social Sciences/ Sciences
  4. 2-3 years experience of working with youth in a NGO/ college or other organisation engaged with education and /or social justice.
  5. Fluency in Kannada/ Tamil/ Urdu/ Hindi with ability to read and write English
  6. Theatre, Music, Art and other skills will be ad added advantage
  7. Experience of  working in a Eco or Social Enterprise will be an added advantage

Remuneration: The total CTC will be in the range of Rs 30,000 – 35,000 per month depending on experience and qualification.

 Women, religious/gender/sexual minorities, Dalits and the differently-abled are especially encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send us your CV along with a covering letter/email, along with samples of your prior work to