Courses @ Samvada

Learning Lenses Course

Centre for Transformative Education, Baduku Community College, Samvada, Bangalore is inviting applications for its course for Aspiring Lecturers -Learning Lenses, Baduku Community College, Samvada, Bangalore, to be held between 23 July and 18 August, 2018. 

The course is meant to teach participants the skills, perspectives and self-understanding necessary for them to carry out teaching as part of their work in the field of education. The course is designed to empower aspiring college lecturers in their understanding of young people, educational perspectives and pedagogical skills for adult learners. Our goal is that college lecturers grow not just passionate about their subject areas, but also take a keen interest in the well-being and interests of their students, thus realizing their potential as educators for social change.

It will involve a rigorous programme that includes classroom sessions, interactions with professionals in the field of Teaching and Education; practical learning will take place through demo classes, field work. We focus on creative teaching, critical teaching and competency to get into education sector.

Waste (Ad)venturers

Baduku community college is providing a platform for youngsters to find professions which help in sustainable development of the society. It is helping them to influence the society with their profession and lead a meaningful life. As a continuation of this initiative, one month certificate course in waste management is being held from 18th June 2018.

This course aims at teaching scientific ways of handling / managing the waste and help in sustainable environment and development in urban and semi urban areas through employments and self-found professions in this domain.

Journalism Course

Sustainable Agriculture Course

Counseling for Women's Wellness and Justice


‘DIKSOOCHI – a certificate course in career guidance and counselling’ is a 10 week online that commences from April 27th, 2018. It aims at training the youth influencers who can reach out to a large number of youths in different parts of Karnataka.

The course focuses on classroom sessions, practical and assignments.The course contributes towards creating career counsellors who are sensitive to the needs, desires and social locations of students, and well-informed about the various creative and diverse paths available for those who want to choose them. Career counselling is a socially critical profession and those who have interest in working to find appropriate and exciting career paths for students and learners can join this course.

Early Childhood Care & Education

Early Childhood Care and Education is a 2 month course from April to May 2018. There is a need to recognise early childhood care and education as a specialised profession. Our course recognises the emerging job market for this profession and is thus designed for young people to enter this profession with the right qualification.

The course enables to develop knowledge and skills essential for a child care professional to create a environment that facilitates holistic growth of children, to build a foundation for the socialisation process of every child and to strengthen the linkage between child, parents and the society.

Facilitating women's Wellness and Justice Course


Youth work for Social Change

The Certificate Course on Youth work for Social Change is a national level course offered by the Youth Work Resource Center at Samavada. The course is for duration of one month, split into two modules of 12 days each. Conducted in Hindi the course aims to build a cadre of youth work professionals with perspectives, sensitivities, skills and values needed for working with the youth. It is an attempt to create competent and committed youth workers who can foster a humane, sustainable and peaceful society in partnership with the youth. The course is designed with three streams of learning: understanding the self, perspectives and concepts, and skills, along with interactive and creative methodologies that include individual and group exercises, theater, music, films and discussions.