The Resource and Consulting Unit offers a wide range of services to NGOs, colleges, corporate and CSR initiatives.
These services help us share the expertise and insights we have gained over the last 25 years.

Our Expertise

Gender sensitization, Social Inclusion, Sustainability

We do curriculum design and pedagogy planning on these themes for NGO staff, CSR teams, teachers, educators, workers, artisans and farmers.

Youth-Focused Programme Development

Through our Youth Work Resource Center, we help organizations interested in youth work to develop socially and ecologically relevant programmes for young people.

Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment

We work with donors as well as organizations to assess programme impact and conduct program evaluation.

Documentary Film Production

Our talented staff at Baduku Community College at Samvada consult with organizations and produce short films as teaching aids and for program documentation for them. Previously, we have worked with the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR) and Mahila Samakhya.

Diversity @ the Workplace

We believe that sensitization towards gender, caste, class, linguistic, religious and regional differences, multiple identities, abilities and disabilities will make workplace cultures more empathetic, cooperative and productive. In the past, we have conducted workshops on embracing diversity at the workplace for Greenpeace and women’s leadership workshops at Central Tibetan Authority. 

Factory Creches

We see a great need for quality creches for children of factory workers, a majority of whom are women. Deprived of attention, nutrition, safety, children of factory workers are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. Setting up creches, thus, also helps companies decrease attrition, absenteeism and comply with legal and social obligations. 

Some of our Past Assignments

Setting up Factory Creches

In 2012 and 2013, we set up creches at Naseer Bali Glass Factory, Ambur and at Celebrity Fashions Ltd, Chennai.
In 2016, we set up Creative Kids, a unique creche, pre-school and after-school care facility for the children of  garment factory workers in Laggare, Bangalore. The creche is founded and operated in partnership with Garment Labour Union and MotherCare.


We have produced two short films for Mahila Samakhya, a state-sponsored program creating gender equality through women’s education. The films document the achievements of women’s federations promoted by Mahila Samakhya and their gender sensitization programs for men.



In the months of August to November, 2013, we conducted a series of workshops on Diversity In The Workplace at Greenpeace. These were lively discussions where campaigners, fundraisers, researchers and organisation support staff were helped to understand diversity as a concept and as a value in their professional space.

Central Tibetan Authority

In 2013, we were invited by the Central Tibetan Authority to conduct a workshop on women's leadership for women from various Tibetan settlements. Through simulations, role plays, acitivities, discussions, attendees were helped to discover and develop their leadership potential.