working with young people to create a just, humane & sustainable world!

Sustainable Farming

is a 15-day modular certificate course in Kannada
for young people who want to become farmers and experience the joys and gains of growing safe and healthy food

Course Objectives

Young people are helped to understand the role of farming in society, critically analyse the current agrarian crisis and learn techniques  and skills for sustainable and profitable agriculture. 

Course at a Glance

Field trips and extensive discussions with successful and inspiring organic farmers and visits to marketing outlets, form the mainstay of the course.  Exploring family dynamics, feudalism, dignity of farmers, traditional wisdoms, emerging markets for organic produce and learning practical skills are components of the course. At the same time, we ensure that the course is grounded in realities of farming as a business. 

A Partnership between Man, Woman & Nature

Our goal is to instill a collaborative relationship between man, woman and nature through organic farming. Hence, the gender, sexuality and marriage workshop finds a place in our course too!


Understanding the Self as a Farmer
A Farmer's Self & Family
Farmer's Self & Community


Structure & Organisation of Agrarian Society
Political transition in Agircultural sector
Sustainability Approaches
Inter-Cropping & High-Density Farming


Skills for Farming
Farm Management
Post-Harvesting Skills
Soft Skills for Sustainable Agriculture Practices