working with young people to create a just, humane & sustainable world!

Leadership for Rejuvenating Agriculture

is a 15-day, 120-hour modular, certificate course in Kannada
for a group of young farmers who have a vision for agriculture

Course Objectives

The course aims to develop visionaries who will be pioneers in sustainable agriculture.
It is intended for a group of young farmers who have a vision to revive the farming community’s dignity and rewards. The course equips them with leadership and organizational skills to bring progressive change in the agricultural landscape of India.

Course At a Glance


My Dreams and Aspirations as a Leader
My preparedness for Leadership and Collectivisation
Myself as a Pioneer of Sustainable Agriculture


Collective Leadership


State, Corporations and the Development of Agriculture
Knowledge Politics in Agriculture
Mapping the Political Landscape of the Farmers' Movement
Redefining Leadership for Rejuvenating Agriculture
Ecological and Economic Aspects of Rejuvenation & Leadership