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Early Childhood Care & Education

 is a 6-month diploma course in Kannada
& a 2-week refresher course in Kannada
for aspiring child care professionals who have passed 12th standard/pre-university

While urban areas in have seen a mushrooming of various early childhood care centres as business opportunities, the quality of care and education remains largely questionable due to lack of trained personnel. We believe childcare should be accessible to children of all segments of society, especially children of of factory workers, on e of the most vulnerable groups of society, who do not have access to quality childcare and education.

There is a need to recognize early childhood care and education as a specialized profession. Our course recognizes the emerging job market for this profession and is thus designed for young people to enter this profession with the right qualifications.

At the bottom of it all, lies our belief that when there is high-quality childhood care, more and more women can work outside the home too.

Course Objectives

  • To facilitate the emergence of child care as a profession by developing domain knowledge and offering an academically rigorous learning experience through a comprehensive course
  • To provide livelihood opportunities for young women from disadvantaged communities by building their skills and perspectives to access employment as child care professionals in the expanding child-care market.
  • To position child care services as the right of working women, and a fundamental right of all children irrespective of class and creed.

Course At A Glance


Self-care for Child-care
Evolution of an ECCE Teacher


Understanding Children & Childhood in India
Caring for the Developing Child
Concepts for Early Childhood Education & Teaching


Teaching & Communicating with Children
Practical Child Care Skills
Managing an ECCE Centre
Spoken English Skills