Research into Youth and Youthhood


Our  interactions  with young  people  have continuously  brought us face to face  with their  dilemmas, traumas and questions related to family, work, religion and their questions about their changing context.  Responding to them meaningfully demands deeper insights into the changing landscape and an  understanding of their  fears and doubts. Samvada  has  initiated a range of research studies to help  us  come to grips with their realities and dreams.

Please write to us if you would like to access any of these published studies.


  • An Inquiry into  the Incidence and Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse on Young People (1994):  by Anita Ratnam with  Dr Shekar Seshadri. This was  the first study delving into the issue of Child Sexual Abuse in India.

  • The Implications of  Illegal and Unethical  Practices  of Pawnbrokers on Marginalised Communities (1996): A study by students and staff of Samvada Youth Resource Centre in Bangalore. 

  • Floriculture- Roses or Thorns?  Land Sales around  Bangalore and consequences for  youth from farming  households (1998): This study was conducted by students and staff of Samvada Doddaballapur Youth Resource Centre.

  • Young People from Crafts Communities  at the Crossroads- a series of Monographs (2005)

  • The Need and Scope  for Counselling Services for Young Women  (2009): This study was commissioned by Samvada to explore the need for a feminist counselling course

  • Traditional Occupations in a Modern World: Career Guidance, Livelihood Planning, and Crafts in the Context of Globalization ( 2010) 

  • Youth in Agriculture – Problems and Prospects (2014):
    A study by the Centre for Youth and Sustainable Development.

  • Young people’s perceptions of Career Guidance in Karnataka: This is an ongoing study, being conducted by the Centre for Transformative Education.