working with young people to create a just, humane & sustainable world!

How do We Work with Young People?

On their first steps out of childhood, young people are expected to take on responsibilities and be prepared for adulthood without being given much choice. A majority of decisions about relationships, career, family, politics are often taken for them and even imposed on them.

On the contrary, understanding the diverse realities of young people requires a complex and layered process. 

If youthhood is preparation for adulthood, then first and foremost, it is a time to gradually develop and practise autonomy.

At Samvada, our work with young people is to provide spaces to experiment for them to learn about the myriad choices they face.  Unlike how the rest of society views them as children, adults, employees, students, spouses, or as individuals who can be recruited, trained and “used”, we value youth as partners in a journey towards personal & social change.

Our work with youth begins with seeing young people as learners, seekers and individuals with growing autonomy and in turn, making choices that build a just, equitable and sustainable society.