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Our Donors

Our donors have been more than just our “donors”. They provide us long-term support. They have faith in our mad ideas. They share a strong sense of partnership. They give us constructive criticism.

International Donors

National Donors

Corporate Donors



Some of our Individual Donors

Amaresh Chamkura

(IBM, San Francisco)

Amburose Mari

(General Manager, Reliance Industries)

Anand P. Narayan

(Head, Selco Labs)

Arun Jeyachandran

(Vice President, Evolve Partners LCC, Canada)

Bharath Jairaj

(World Resources Institute) (Samvada Alumni)

Dominic D'Souza

(Associate Director, Laya) (Samvada Trustee)

Jagganath Rao

(Senior Vice President, Siemens Industry Inc, USA)

Junita Fernandez

 (Director, Finance and Corporate Operations, Suzuki GB PLC, United Kingdom)

Kavita Aggarwal

(Marketing Leadership Team, Diageo, Singapore)

Mangala Subramanian

Mark Silgardo

(Senior Managing Partner, IL&FS , Mumbai)

Dr. Mathew John

Rakesh Kapoor

(Regional Directior, East Africa Dairy Development Project at Heifer International, Kenya)

S Sivakumar