Who We Are

Samvada is a 25-year-old organisation
that works with young people
to create a just, humane and sustainable world.
We support, sensitise and empower
disadvantaged youth to build their lives
and make meaningful contributions to society.

Samvada is a registered public charitable trust with our Board of trustees playing legal and governance roles.

In 1986, a programme called SMILE (Student Mobilization Initiative for Learning through Exposure)  was started to introduce young Indians from elite educational institutions to the realities of rural and urban poverty. NGOs, trade unions and social movements became new learning environments aka classrooms in the field. It was for the first time that urban college students met marginalized communities like fisherfolk, forest-dwellers, construction workers, bonded labourers, devadasis, weavers, artisans, scavengers and other forgotten people.

We are a team of 26 who complement each other through our diverse interests, temperaments, backgrounds, personalities, styles, qualifications and skills united by shared vision for young people and a collective ownership of Samvada.

Our programme team comprises  youthful youth mentors, alternative livelihood trainers and youth work promoters.

The programme teams are supported by:
A Resource & Consulting Unit that develops our curriculum and knowledge and  guides our collaborations/networks.
An Administrative and Organization Support Unit  that takes care of  accounts, finance, human resources and administration.
An Executive Director who directs and leads the team.

Our support base includes  Samvada alumni and friends and well-wishers from all walks of life who have met us in different settings at various times in our journey.

Samvada's audited annual statements of accounts and quarterly receipts of foreign contribution are published here.