Our Team

Samvada is a collective  of 40 individuals who complement each other through our diverse interests, temperaments, backgrounds, personalities, styles, qualifications and skills. What binds us together is our common dream, our united vision for young people, our shared philosophy and a collective ownership of Samvada as an organization.

Our programme team comprises  youthful youth mentors with expertise in youth sensitisation, alternative livelihood trainers at Baduku Community College and youth work promoters who nurture and incubate Yuva Samvada Kendras.
The programme teams are supported by:

  • A Resource & Consulting Unit that develops our curriculum and knowledge and  guides our collaborations/networks
  • An Administrative and Organization Support Unit  that takes care of  accounts, finance, human resources, administration and the many logistical challenges our  work  creates
  • An Executive Director who directs and leads the team

Samvada has set out on an adventurous journey that is idealistic and pragmatic, academically rigorous and  creative, serious and fun, tactical and compassionate, and emotional as much as political. So it goes without saying that the team must be also all of these things… and we are!